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           Cathay City.Auditorium


Cathay City Auditorium  for daily work and special events such as speech, presentation. Audio Systems Consultants (Asia) limited tailor-made audio and video systems for Cathay Pacific Auditorium.

The audio system consists of Yamaha TF1 mixing console, Symetrix Radius 12x8 EX digital signal processor, L-Acoustic LA4X power amplifier, KIVA line array speaker, 5XT front fill speaker and 6 wireless microphones in the auditorium.

  The audio signal from the microphone, Blu-Ray Player, CD Player, Apple TV, Laptop, input panels at different locations are all wired to Symetrix Radius 12x8 EX for signal processing, routing and control function.  All processed output signals are sent to L-Acoustic LA4X power amplifiers which in turn deliver the amplified signal to all speakers including L-Acoustic KIVA line array speaker and 5XT front fill speaker.

The video system consists of Camera, Blu-Ray Player, Apple TV, input panels at different positions as the video sources. These entire input signals will be sent to Crestron DM-MD 16x16 matrix switcher. The image will be switched to display devices such as Lighthouse’s LED wall or Barco’s projector in the auditorium.

This project requires the installation of LED Wall at the auditorium, but there are great difficulties due to the installation problems. The size of the LED Wall is 8×4 meters, which must be installed in a wall that can bear the weight. However, the auditorium wall is not a structural Wall, so it cannot bear the weight of LED Wall. 

Finally, our engineering team decided to order five supports to replace the auditorium wall, so that the LED Wall could rely on the support. However, the weight of the support was heavier than expected, it required 20 people to work together to move one support. In addition, this project only took 45 days to complete and could only work at night. 

Our team realized the importance of teamwork in this project, installation difficulties and time problems met different challenges, but our team also completed the project within the deadline, and the customer was also satisfied with our project.