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      Citiplaza_Ice Palace


Ice Palace   is located at City Plaza in the east district of Hong Kong Island, and is also the largest indoor skating rink on Hong Kong Island. Audio System Consultants (ASIA) Limited is responsible for the audio system and video system of the rink in this project. The audio and video system in ice palace is tailor made for normal operation (background music, digital signal) and special event (DJ music, live streaming, spot light effect). 

The audio system contain with analog & digital signal, which use Dante network protocol communicate through network switchs. The audio signals from the wall input panel and DJ set is sent to the audio digital processor for processing and tuning, then pass to speaker driven by high voltage amplifiers. 

The video system consists of fiber port wall input panel with HDMI to fiber transmitter, Extron video matrix, a 16m(W)x4m(H) LED wire mesh, LED controller, 2nos. 65” display, 1no. 98” display, 1no. 48” display and digital signage decoder. 

Since this project is carried out in the skating rink of City plaza, the products we use must be strictly selected and must fulfill the requirements of waterproof so as to extend the durability of the audio system. 

In addition, our client wants to install a 16x4m LED wall in the center of the skating rink. Our engineering team converts the external surface of the LED wall into transparent material and hangs the LED wall on the support piece by piece, making the skating rink environment more comfortable.

In order for customers to enjoy better audio quality, our team also adopted the wall speakers in the design of sound. In the installation, we also need to break the wall body and make additional engineering arrangements.

In the end, our team met the customer's requirements and was able to complete the project within the expected time.