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The Arles 


This project is a demonstration unit for The Arles .

Completed in July 2021, ASCL is responsible for the AV system. The AV system is tailor for daily usage, wishing to deliver remarkable experience for guest who visiting the unit. The cooperation of the BGM system and the video system will elevate the overall experience. There are in total 13 zones where our BGM system will covered, and the audio visual system are mainly covered the foyer, theatre, club house and the sales hall. 

At the foyer area, there are 4 nos. ceiling speakers connected to the DSP, 12 nos. projectors and the 5 nos. sensors that are connected to the network system which triggers the whole AV system. Inside the theatre, we have the 5.1 audio systems and the 3 nos. projector projecting media content on the curved wall.

 Next, there are 3 building models at the club house area with 26 nos. projectors and 8 ceiling speakers allocated for the 3 different models. Finally, inside sales hall, we have the LED wall with 2 ceiling speakers included in the AV system. Guest may enjoy the video content through the LED wall. For the control system, users are able to manage the video content through the tablet equipped with the video control systems. Simply connect the tablet to the control network then starts the control.

The project was carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic and problems occurred during transportation. We need to cooperate with domestic manufacturers for our accessories and products, such as 41 projectors. Due to the serious epidemic, we cannot deliver them as expected, so we have to find suitable projectors in Hong Kong. In addition, the original plan was to invite domestic manufacturers to Hong Kong to help design the system, but due to the epidemic, only remote online video design.

Projectors are also installed in the exhibition room of The Arles, but the narrow width of the space is not sufficient. Our engineering team finally decided to install a wide-Angle Lens widget inside the projector to display the footage.

This project was completed within the expected time and the client successfully completed the opening day and was satisfied with our team's design.